The Faithful & The Fallen book series by John Gwynne

The Faithful & The Fallen by John Gwynne - Anji Books

I’ve already written reviews for the first two books in this series, Malice and Valour, but I’ve decided to write a review for the series as a whole because the four books make a perfect whole. I don’t often give 5-star ratings, but this series deserves it. The Faithful & The Fallen has jumped into my top three favourite series. All four books maintained the high standard of writing, tight story arcs, and great character development, and the series just kept getting better and better with each book.

It’s great to read a series where there are no weak women. Each one is strong and skilled in her own right and holds her own against the strong male characters.

I have a huge book hangover after finishing Book 4 this morning. I may come back and write more, but really there’s nothing else I can think of to say except I am grateful to Petrik whose Goodreads review of Book 1, Malice, made me take a chance on this series.

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