Going Green by Nick Spalding

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From the bestselling author of Dumped, Actually comes a laugh-out-loud story about saving your job…and maybe saving the planet in the process.

Meet Ellie Cooke. When it comes to all things environmental she’s, well, a bit ‘green’. It’s not that she doesn’t care about things like climate change and plastic pollution, it’s just that life has always got in the way of that sort of thing.

But when the PR firm Ellie works for is taken over by keen environmentalist Nolan Reece, it’s clear that if she wants to save her job, she’s going to have to get serious about being green—or face being recycled.

Going green is no walk in the park, though. It involves a lot of big changes, tough choices…and at least one case of accidentally showing your knickers off to your boss.

Can Ellie do enough to save her job, and maybe do her bit to help save the planet while she’s at it? And what will Nolan think of her, now that she can’t stop thinking about him…?

My thoughts

The story opens with Ellie working for a failing PR company which is taken over by a new ‘green’ minded boss, Nolan, and there are going to be lay-offs. Despite having no green aspirations Ellie comes up with a strategy to keep her job – pretend to be an eco-warrior and impress the boss.

The rest of the book follows Ellie in her often misguided attempts to impress, while being attracted to Nolan. There is slapstick humour and there were some genuine laugh-out-loud moments, like the incident with the ebikes.

Alongside the humour is Ellie’s slow awakening to the fact that what she is doing as a ploy to remain employed is actually important to the planet and increasingly to Ellie herself.

If I have one niggle it was the mentions of Nolan’s physical likeness to Adam Driver. Once was enough but several times was too much. As someone who doesn’t find him attractive (sorry, Adam Driver) this was very distracting and a bit off-putting, and as a reader I prefer to come up with my own mental images of what a character looks like, based on a description.

This was a very light, fun read with a satisfying conclusion.

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