A Tiny House On Wheels by Enni Amanda

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A sweet, funny romance set in rural New Zealand.

Nina is 36, single, and running out of time to start a family. She quits her advertising job, and moves into a small coastal town, in a tiny house on wheels. Surely, the laid back country life with organic veggies will turn back the clock for her. Now, she only has to find the right guy – and it can’t be her odd, new neighbour who doesn’t want kids. No matter how hot he is. This time, Nina is determined to follow the plan, not her heart.

Jay is used to solitary life. After his father’s death, he tries to keep the farm running, even if he’s more comfortable with the veggies than people. But who needs social skills? In the backside of Raglan, nothing ever happens. Until a cute, Finnish blonde moves into the neighbouring lot, in a ridiculous tiny house. Can Jay work out his issues and take a chance on the most exotic thing that’s ever walked into his life?

Work, life, love and all those other big questions that vex us are are tackled in this humorous and thought-provoking book, which will stay with you long after you reach the end.

My thoughts

This was a lighthearted and enjoyable read. Nina and Jay are well-fleshed out characters with their own quirks and insecurities which, in the best tradition of romances, keep them apart until they are finally brought together. I absolutely loved the setting. I’ve always fancied living in a tiny house in a field. While it’s not practical for me I can still live vicariously through books where others do it. The rural setting of Raglan in New Zealand is about as grass roots kiwi-culture as it gets, and it was entertaining to read how someone from a different country sees us 😉

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