If Only by Angela Marsons

If Only


Find love. Have a baby. Ditch the mother-in-law from hell. Three best friends, each wishing for the one thing they want the most. But what if they’re searching for happiness in all the wrong places?

Cher is head over heels for her new boss. He’s gorgeous, smart and funny but he barely even notices her except to ask for a coffee refill. How can she get him to see that she’s the perfect girl for him?

Sarah is longing for a baby with the man she loves. The only trouble is David is already married. Will he finally leave his wife so they can be together?

Deb should be looking forward to her wedding with lovely fiancé Mark but with her mother-in-law from hell Margie taking control of everything, will her dream day turn into her worst nightmare?

So, when one summer evening, over several glasses of wine, Cher, Sarah and Deb stumble across an old book on Sarah’s shelf and drunkenly decide to cast a wishing spell, they don’t think for one minute that it will come true. It’s just three best friends having a laugh and throwing some herbs around the garden. Or is it?

My thoughts

I love the crime thrillers that Angela Marsons writes, mainly because I really like her characters. So when I saw that she had written outside her usual genre I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. If Only is well written and with good characterisation, but I was just a wee bit disappointed that I didn’t like one of the three main characters, and spent most of the book feeling frustrated with another because she seemed shallow rather than disingenuous. I really liked the third character though, and by the end of the book I had warmed considerably toward the other two. There were some genuinely hilarious moments, such as at the swimming pool, that had me cackling away to myself. And a couple of very poignant moments that caught me unawares which I loved. I’m trying not to say too much in case of spoilers, but I really liked how the book ended and I think there is scope for a sequel so that perhaps we find out whether the course of true love runs smoothly for Cher and what opportunities open up for Sarah and Deb.

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