Our Lit by Li Tchaikov

Our Lit: A far future science fiction novel.


He’s destined to be the King of Terra Aurora, but only if he defeats the Red Endlai. It’s the only way the prophecy can come true. To succeed, he needs the help of his hunting students and, more importantly, he needs to believe in magic.

Goldie is a Professor of the Hunt. Prophesized to defeat the Red Endlai, he’s forced into action when one of his students is abducted. He can’t, however, confront the troll-like monsters on his own and must enlist the help of his six undergrad students, each with immensely powerful, idiosyncratic auras.

After an unusually vicious attack by the monstrous, flesh-eating Red Endlai, Terra Aurora is put under lockdown. Unprecedented in its nature, the fact that they are using advanced technology to thwart the Terra Auroran’s magical detection defenses could mean the end. It’s time for action. It’s time for Goldie to fulfil his destiny or risk the annihilation of his people. But, is defeating the Red Endlai enough or does the prophecy hold secrets beyond anyone’s imagination?

Set in a world one hundred and twenty-five thousand years in the future, Our Lit is a magical sci-fi novel perfect for lovers of adventurous, speculative fiction. An epic mix of science fiction and fantasy, it’s sure to become a favorite classic.

My thoughts

This was an enjoyable outing. It was a unique concept, well delivered and well written. There were a lot of characters but they were introduced in such a way that it was easy to keep track of who was who, and I especially liked the way more and more of their personalities were revealed as the story unfolded. A bit like the story itself, which kept adding new dimensions to an already larger than life story. It looks as though there will be more stories set in this world and I look forward to reading them.

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