Messenger by Liz Keller Whitehurst

Messenger by Liz Keller Whitehurst


“You know that message everybody’s been waiting for their whole lives, as long as they can remember? Well, I bring that message. That’s my job. It’s up to me.”

While searching for a new, intriguing story among the insanely competitive media world of New York City, young journalist Alana Peterson finds Messenger, an old woman who gives life-changing messages to strangers all over the city. Alana thinks she’s found her big break with Messenger’s story, but soon realizes there is much more to Messenger than meets the eye. Through a series of mistakes, Alana bends the trajectory of the story to tragic results, only then realizing Messenger’s bigger plans.

The pivotal themes of initiation, connection, relationship, and mystery form the heart of this refreshing novel. In Whitehurst’s adaptation of her podcast of the same name, she reminds us that we are all messengers for each other, and that empathy and connection can come from the most unexpected places.

My thoughts

This was an interesting premise. Alana is an aspiring journalist, almost broke. She hears about a mysterious elderly woman who hands strangers short messages which have positive impacts on their lives, and thinks she has found the story she needs to make a name for herself and break into journalism.

The story itself is quite lovely, but it takes a long time to get there and I found myself skimming in places. But the ending was very satisfying.

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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