Listen To Me by Clare Alexandra Metcalfe


If you want to revolutionize your health and fitness or take a step in the right direction the start is not always easy.

Clare’s personal experience was inspired by a yoga class, which resulted in a gold medal for middle distance running in Sochi, Russia, and renewed her passion for tennis.

As a stressed-out lawyer working in corporate finance Clare’s lifestyle had become increasingly unhealthy resulting in burnout.

This book sets out many of the elements to rejoining the winding path back to achieving good health.

The elements are covered in short sections on topics such as exercise, sleep, and diet including some of Clare’s favorite cook-from-scratch, healthy recipes. Recipes included in this book are some of the author’s favorite versions of classic dishes based on traditional recipes using ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients such as fish pie, Italian Bolognese Ragu, Nicoise salad, and beet soup. These recipes are aimed at a balanced diet to fuel a body and mind for healthy living.

These are hard-learned but simple lessons which the author wants to share with the world to inspire others as part of an honest and open conversation.

My thoughts

The author has a chatty, friendly style of writing which is easy to read, but I feel the book could have been a lot shorter. The very long paragraphs were unnecessary as points were laboured and could have been much more concise.

Most of the advice was good, but it did feel like wading through a lot of extraneous material to get to it. However I also felt there were some quite significant oversights. For example there was a chapter dedicated to the benefits of sun but only two sentences about the dangers which felt as though they were only there to say it had been covered. Likewise a chapter dedicated to the benefits of sleep but does not mention the well-documented adverse effects of ongoing poor sleep such as increased risk of health problems, such as digestive upsets, obesity and heart disease, and accidents, to name a few.

I love the recipe section and intend to try a few of them. Again, they are quite long paragraphs so having the steps bullet-pointed would make them much easier to follow.

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