Razorblade Tears by S. A. Cosby

Description A black father and a white father join forces on a crusade for revenge against the people who murdered their gay sons, by S.A. Crosby, the award-winning author of Blacktop Wasteland. Ike Randolph has been out of jail for 15 years, with not so much as a speeding ticket in all that time. ButContinue reading “Razorblade Tears by S. A. Cosby”

The Frog Hunter: A Story About the Vietnam War, an Inkblot Test and a Girl

by T. B. Stamper Description The Frog Hunter: A Story about the Vietnam War, an Inkblot Test and a Girl, is a memoir that reads stranger than fiction. The author takes his readers on a fascinating, often humorous, and emotionally moving journey from deadly Ranger missions in Vietnam, to betrayal by his superior officers atContinue reading “The Frog Hunter: A Story About the Vietnam War, an Inkblot Test and a Girl”

Lost World and Mythological Kingdoms

by Tobias S. Buckell; James L. Cambias; Becky Chambers; Kate Elliott; C.C. Finlay; Jeffrey Ford; Theodora Goss; Darcie Little Badger; Jonathan Maberry; Seanan McGuire; An Owomoyela; Dexter Palmer; Cadwell Turnbull; Genevieve Valentine; Carrie Vaughn; Charles Yu; E. Lily Yu Description “Here be dragons . . . and a lot of stories that would make aContinue reading “Lost World and Mythological Kingdoms”

Longing and Be-Longing

Poems, Prayers, & Reflections by Paulette Rochelle-Levy Description An adventurous psychotherapist, Paulette Rochelle-Levy invites the reader to “Take off your shoes, take off your shoes and dare to cross into the not too deep, not too cold rushing water of the springtime river. A whole wilderness is coming out to meet you.” Through poems prayersContinue reading “Longing and Be-Longing”

Only For My Daughter by Emma Robinson

Description It is a day that starts like any other day. But when Samantha is called by the hospital to say her fifteen-year-old daughter Keira has been hurt and is in a coma, and Julia’s daughter Grace comes home covered in blood, refusing to speak, two mothers’ lives come crashing down. More than ten yearsContinue reading “Only For My Daughter by Emma Robinson”

The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi

Description The Kaiju Preservation Society is John Scalzi’s first standalone adventure since the conclusion of his New York Times bestselling Interdependency trilogy. When COVID-19 sweeps through New York City, Jamie Gray is stuck as a dead-end driver for food delivery apps. That is, until Jamie makes a delivery to an old acquaintance, Tom, who worksContinue reading “The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi”

Listen To Me by Clare Alexandra Metcalfe

Description If you want to revolutionize your health and fitness or take a step in the right direction the start is not always easy. Clare’s personal experience was inspired by a yoga class, which resulted in a gold medal for middle distance running in Sochi, Russia, and renewed her passion for tennis. As a stressed-outContinue reading “Listen To Me by Clare Alexandra Metcalfe”

The Unsinkable Greta James by Jennifer E. Smith

Description An indie musician reeling from tragedy reconnects with her estranged father on a week-long cruise in this tale of grief, fame, and love from bestselling author Jennifer E. Smith. Greta James’s meteoric rise to indie stardom was hard-won. Before she graced magazine covers and sold out venues, she spent her girlhood strumming her guitarContinue reading “The Unsinkable Greta James by Jennifer E. Smith”

The Unquiet Dead by Ausma Zehanat Khan

Description A complex and provocative story of loss, redemption, and the cost of justice that will linger with readers long after turning the final page. Despite their many differences, Detective Rachel Getty trusts her boss, Esa Khattak, implicitly. But she’s still uneasy at Khattak’s tight-lipped secrecy when he asks her to look into Christopher Drayton’sContinue reading “The Unquiet Dead by Ausma Zehanat Khan”

This Place Of Wonder by Barbara O’Neal

Description In the wake of a personal tragedy, four women face the past, their futures, and each other in a novel of broken ties and healing by the Amazon Charts bestselling author of When We Believed in Mermaids. When famed chef Augustus Beauvais dies, he leaves behind a celebrated reputation—and four women grappling with loss,Continue reading “This Place Of Wonder by Barbara O’Neal”