Ellie Dwyer’s Great Escape by Diane Winger

Description You’re never too old to run away from home Ellie Dwyer, 61, is convinced bad luck comes in threes, and not just garden-variety, oh-well bad luck. How many people have to flee not one, but two natural disasters? And in between the wildfire and the hurricane, her husband of nearly forty years suddenly upContinue reading “Ellie Dwyer’s Great Escape by Diane Winger”

The Girl She Was Before by Jess Kitching

Description A crime thriller with a brilliant twist you won’t see coming!Powerful, packed full of grueling details that will linger with you long after the book has finished.Nat lives a picture-perfect life, but it wasn’t always this way. A victim of horrific bullying when she was a teenager, Nat will do anything to keep distanceContinue reading “The Girl She Was Before by Jess Kitching”

Dead Mercy by Noelle Holten

Description ‘Hugely confident … harrowing, visceral … recommended’ Ian Rankin on Dead Inside A brutal murder… When a burned body is found with its teeth missing, DC Maggie Jamieson discovers that the victim may be the husband of one of her probation colleagues. A dark history… As the body count rises, the team becomes increasinglyContinue reading “Dead Mercy by Noelle Holten”

Call Of The Penguins by Hazel Prior

Description A delightfully feel-good new novel from the No. 1 bestselling author of Away With the Penguins – sure to become a firm favourite with readers! Meet the heroine everyone’s talking about . . . Fiercely resilient and impeccably dressed, Veronica McCreedy has lived an incredible 87 years. Most of them alone, in her hugeContinue reading “Call Of The Penguins by Hazel Prior”

These Toxic Things by Rachel Howzell Hall

Description A dead woman’s cherished trinkets become pieces to a terrifying puzzle. Mickie Lambert creates “digital scrapbooks” for clients, ensuring that precious souvenirs aren’t forgotten or lost. When her latest client, Nadia Denham, a curio shop owner, dies from an apparent suicide, Mickie honors the old woman’s last wish and begins curating her peculiar objetsContinue reading “These Toxic Things by Rachel Howzell Hall”

Bewilderment by Richard Powers

Description Theo Byrne is a promising young astrobiologist who has found a way to search for life on other planets dozens of light years away. He is also the widowed father of a most unusual nine-year-old. His son Robin is funny, loving, and filled with plans. He thinks and feels deeply, adores animals, and canContinue reading “Bewilderment by Richard Powers”

Chasing Alexander: A Marine’s Journey Across Iraq and Afghanistan by Christopher Martin

Description A haunting, fast-paced war memoir, Chasing Alexander is Christopher Martin’s account of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A failing college student obsessed with Alexander the Great, Martin enlists in the US Marines to become a different sort of man, a man like Alexander. From his difficulty at boot camp to his disappointing deploymentContinue reading “Chasing Alexander: A Marine’s Journey Across Iraq and Afghanistan by Christopher Martin”

The Story Of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting, Melissa Dalton Martinez

Revised, Newly Illustrated Edition Description In this first book in the beloved, magical childrens’ series, the origins of the remarkable Doctor Dolittle are revealed! With 33 all new illustrations of the quirky Doctor and his animal pals… …this classic story with an updated magical twist, is sure to be a family favorite! When Doctor JohnContinue reading “The Story Of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting, Melissa Dalton Martinez”

Darkness Falls by Robert Bryndza

Description Kate Marshall’s investigation into a journalist’s disappearance sends her down an unexpectedly twisted path in a riveting thriller by the author of Shadow Sands. Kate Marshall’s fledgling PI agency takes off when she and her partner, Tristan Harper, are hired for their first big case. It’s a cold one. Twelve years before, journalist JoannaContinue reading “Darkness Falls by Robert Bryndza”

The Library by Bella Osbourne

Description Two different generations. Two unusual people. Thrown together to save their local library. Tom is a teenager and blends into the background of life. After a row with his dad, and facing an unhappy future at the dog food factory, he escapes to the library. Tom unwittingly ends up with a bagful of romanceContinue reading “The Library by Bella Osbourne”